Introduction & Background

I am a computer scientist (M.Sc.) from Karlsruhe, Germany. I am generally interested in programming, especially in Java, Python, and Rust. I am also a Researcher at KIT in the domain of Software Architecture Documentation and Natural Language Programming (NLP). At my job, I am also resposible for teaching students in different areas around Programming, Software Engineering, and Research. You can find more on my institute page.

Areas of experience & interest

Software Architecture   Software Architecture Documentation   Natural Language Processing   Machine learning   Ontologies   Teaching   Java   EMF/Ecore   Python   Rust  

Work Experience

Some projects I am Working On

Additional Information

Java: I am experienced in a variety of Java API’s and frameworks. Additionally, I worked with the Eclipse RCP and Maven Tycho.

EMF/Ecore: In my research, I also worked a lot with EMF/Ecore and similar MDSD tools.

Rust: I did some Rust and have most basic knowledge. However, I would not call me an expert or really advanced developer.